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Fort Shame!

Fort Shame is the (mostly) true story of Tom Houston, a tough Irish cop who found himself on New York's Lower East Side during the 1980s heroine epidemic. A fish out of water, Tom came to rely on the LES community of musicians, artists, club owners and his own motley crew of corruption proof cops.

Fantasy Grandma

Myrtle J and Jane B are your Fantasy Grandma. In this half hour television musical comedy, they rap, sing songs, and revel in their memories as they struggle to keep their social security, sanity and friendship intact at the Silent View Home for the Elderly.

The Arty Need Show

The Arty Need Show comes to you live from the Lower East Side. Our host and namesake Arty Need has been called many things including "1 part Carson, 1 part Space Ghost, 2 parts vermouth," a drunk-faced puppet," and "unsuitable for children." He gets great guests anyway. We have seen Sean Donnelly, Michelle Wolf, Mark Normand, Sam Morril, Dawn Landes, Corn Mo and many more talk to our diminutive variety show host.

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